30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2

List 10 random fact about yourself that people might not know.

So….I tried to list ten random facts that people might not know yesterday, so I’ll list another ten random facts about myself that people actually might already know.

01  I was born in Oklahoma but moved to California when I was 1.

02  I am afraid of insects and I don’t really know why.

03  My birthday is exactly one week after my father’s. 

04  People have mistaken my brother and me as twins, despite the fact that he’s four years older than I am.

05  I can burp on command. My brother taught me when I was about 6 years old…

06  I can also cry on command.

07  I started wearing glasses when I was 10 years old and contact lenses since age 11.

08  I learned to drive with a Ford Expedition and hopped many a curb in the process. 

09  I started pulling all nighters for school my sophomore year of high school. 

10  My husband taught me how to drive stick, and he’s the reason why I currently own a manual transmission Toyota 86.


I think I’ll try to use these challenge updates to share with you about some aspect of my life here in Japan, even if it’s just to tell you about something I’ve done for the day.

Andrew, my MIL and I went to dinner at Osu with the lovely couple who watched our puppy while we were traveling. According to Wikipedia, “Ōsu is a historic area which has many small shops offering everything from Japanese traditional food to handicrafts. A large department store is OSU301. It is popular amongst fashionable young people as well.” It’s also home of one of the world’s best pizza places, as determined by some legitimate Italian guys. It takes us about fifteen minutes to walk to Osu, and for this I consider myself pretty lucky. 


Above is a picture of a couple of Solo Pizza’s award winning pizzas (though I think only the one on the right actually won an award), and below is a picture of the storefront and little glimpse of what Osu looks like. The bottom picture is not mine–just something I found with a quick Google search.


More to come with tomorrow’s challenge 🙂 




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